viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

The question is… Does God exist?...

Two buses, from the lines 14 and 41, in Barcelona started traveling around the city with the slogan "Dios probablemente no existe. No te preocupes y disfruta de la vida" "God probably doesn’t exist. Don’t worry and enjoy your life" financed by the Atheist association of Cataluña. This campaign is similar to the one we saw several days ago in London. On the other hand, we found some buses in Madrid where we could read "Dios sí existe. Disfruta de la vida en Cristo." "God existis. Enjoy your life in Crist." but in a few days we will also see in Madrid some of the atheist buses. The ads we see on those two buses form the lines 14 and 41 in Barcelona cost 2.500E. Till now, this campaign has collected more than 9.000E in private donations. In Cataluña the organization "E-cristians" wants to create a campaign in defense of the existence of God around the buses of Barcelona.

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