lunes, 12 de enero de 2009

Francois Brunelle - I`m not a look-alike!

Have you ever wondered or wished you had a twin?

I`m not a look-alike!

Francois Brunelle was born in Sherbrooke, Canada, in 1950. His attraction and obsession with portrait photography as a means of visual expression led him to dedicate his life`s work to taking portraits of the people around him in an ongoing effort to capture the indescribable human soul. He has participated in several collections of photographic works.

Francois Brunelle shoots photos of two people who’re not related, but look alike. As you can see from the examples above, these strangers could easily pass off as family. In fact, if you just showed me the pictures, you’d probably have to work hard in convincing me that they are not twins.

With this I want to show you that we can all have our “media naranja” somewhere around the world. We, humans, are really fascinating, and we can learn about ourselves and the people around us


Britney Spears - Cristina Cardona

Blanca Romero - Cristina Cardona

Bimba Bose - Cristina Cardona

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