lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009


At the beginning, La Feria de Abril de Sevilla, was a fair of cattle with some stalls to "celebrate the trades".
The first Feria de Abril took place in April 1847 with a big number of people and a great success.

Several years later it started to become a festivity with attractions, places where to eat, and installations to celebrate the local party of Sevilla.
Seeing the great result this fair had, the city council had to expand the place of the celebration and the publicity of the occasion.
In 1890 the first poster that annunciated the fair was done.
In 1914 the three days of celebration turned out to be five, and the sixth day was added in 1952.

Nowadays La Feria de Abril takes place two weeks after Semana Santa. The fair begins at midnight on Tuesday, and lasts six days, ending on the next Sunday. Each day the celebration begins with the parade of carriages and riders that make their way to the bullring, La Real Maestranza, where the bullfighters and breeders meet.

I think traditions are really important in all the countries; it’s a way of maintaining the people and the spirit together. It’s true that most of those celebrations have a commercial part to, but without them it wouldn’t be the same. Many Sevillan people achieve most of their money in those fairs. I also have to say that in this year’s fair workers have earned less money than other years, all because of the crisis?

I’m just against one thing, the bullfights, I have never understood them, I know is something that has been living in Spanish culture for a long time and I respect it but I don’t share it.


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