lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

NO LOGO: Brands, Globalization & Resistance

No logo was a book written by Naomi Klein a Canadian journalist, frequent media commentator, a Colum writer and a bestseller.

Naomi Klein:
"On 1995 I saw there was the beginning of new political movement that would take aim at the growing power of multinational corporations"

"We knew there was something big going on in the mid 90s, we knew there were global shifts taking place around free trade, around corporate consolidation and that those shifts didn’t respect national boundaries in anyway"

"We didn’t even have the tools to imagine this thing called globalization"

"There was a lot of angry directed at multinationals like Nike or McDonalds... What I wanted to understand is, why? what where the conditions to create this and also what liberated this generation of young people to be so bold as to go after multinationals directly"

This is just a short description of Naomi Klein´s concept, and what she tried to express on her book NO LOGO.

The question here is... What do you think about logos? Without logos the industry would be the same? Would we have low medium and high brands? What was the perception of the logo before and today?

I really think some brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton or Chanel need a logo to be what they are. It’s not only about the fabric they used, the pattern or the product they are making. The logo they each have is part of the garment. We also have to see that logos are little by little disappearing and that maybe there is going to arrive a point where the logos aren’t gong to be important. But in the times we are living people, countries, companies, brands... give a big importance to it and some of them wouldn’t be what they are, or wouldn’t have the same meaning without a logo. At the same time we can also say there some other brands don’t need a logo to identify them, or to express exactly what they want to express.

... what do you think?

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