lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009


Took Ceramics for four years
During high school he studied sculpting
When he finished his psychotherapist career he found out that he wanted to return to the artistic world he had been in when he was younger.

What fascinates me from Emadi is his Islamic paintings which are divided into themes:
Terrorists and freedom fighters
Islamic Erotica
Femme Fatale

All those subjects would be seen as normal in the Western Society, for example, some of the Art we have has to do with nude paintings and we find it something pretty and with a big meaning. In the Middle East they would find it offensive and against their culture. That’s why Emadi decides to paint the Islamic women with the burka, on, also for respect to them and the culture, but at the same time in a sensual way.

There are people that find those paintings offensive, and he couldn’t show them in some of the galleries he wanted to… What do you think about it? Is it right that he can’t show his art? I’m not going to give my opinion this time, I’ll let you guys think. It´s a really extended topic to talk about.

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